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Fasken’s team of Power lawyers knows the power industry up and down the line, and can help with legal advice and solutions on every matter.  Our work for utilities means we understand utilities regulation and EPCs for energy infrastructure, our work for independent power producers means we know environmental assessments, consultation with Indigenous Group and project finance, and our work for retailers means we understand energy markets and energy trading.

We advise on project approval processes, project financing and procurement, and handle complex construction arbitration and litigation. We negotiate mergers, acquisitions and sale agreements, prepare transactions, power purchase agreements and land option acquisition and lease agreements. We also assist with integrated resource planning, revenue requirements and rates, rate design and provide advice on all aspects utilities regulation.

We have won awards for our work in the energy industry, and we are well known for our expertise in transmission line projects.  We’ve spent decades working on such projects across Canada and South Africa.  We have a deep level of experience and understanding of project approval processes, environmental assessments, consultation, financing, procurement, as well as construction arbitration and litigation related to large, complex projects.

Our clients include major utilities, independent power producers, power developers and operators across the world. If you involve us early in the process, we’ll help identify and mitigate many of the legal risks in your projects. Having an experienced team on your side will help you manage and overcome the risks and challenges of each stage of project development.

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