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More options, shorter wait times and lower costs are all important to patients. At the same time, healthcare providers strive to play a bigger role by bridging gaps in the system and innovating.

Healthcare is a profession. It is also a business. The Fasken team understands the unique context of our clients, who need to meet patient expectations and ever expanding regulatory requirements under a constrained funding system.


What distinguishes Fasken is our large, cross-Canada team. Our lawyers have deep experience and trusted relationships with a wide range of health sector clients in each of our regional markets, as well as national-level expertise. We share ideas and collaborate with clients wherever and whenever we can.


We help with governance, outsourcing, structuring, privacy, employment, and technology matters. If disputes arise, we’ll represent your organization before tribunals or in court.


Our clients include private and public health sector organizations as well as non-profits.


Subscribe to our “Health Law Bulletin”, browse some of the recent healthcare work we’ve assisted with or contact any of our lawyers to learn more.

Meet the challenges of contemporary healthcare with one of the most widely experienced legal teams in Canada. 

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