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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain



Blockchain is a highly disruptive and rapidly developing platform, presenting unique opportunities and challenges for almost every industry. Whether they are startups and early stage entrepreneurs, or large organizations and financiers interested in blockchain technology, our clients look to Fasken for guidance and insight on how to adapt to the changing business landscape. 

Fasken is at the forefront of this revolution, offering our clients cutting-edge legal advice on complex new blockchain issues, as well as underlying benefits of the technology. Through our extensive experience in fintech, medtech, edtech, cleantech, healthcare, gaming, apps, B2B, B2C, hardware and software, we recognize the impact that blockchain may have for the numerous industries in which our clients compete.

That is why we formed Fasken's Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Taskforce, offering strategic and financial business advisory services to help clients:

• Understand the current impact of the "blockchain boom"

• Identify market opportunities for businesses within the blockchain space

• Be aware of legal and compliance issues, particularly in areas like initial coin offerings (ICOs)/token sales and privacy

• Safely navigate emerging regulations, like the securities law requirements placed on coin/token offerings by Canadian and American regulators

• Incorporate digital currencies, smart contracts and blockchain technology into your business plans and operations

• Create operational practices and policies that minimize the risks associated with adopting, investing in, or doing business with companies using blockchain-enabled technologies

We think the biggest technology change since the Internet is worth talking about. We are sensitive to the nascent stage of regulation of the industry and communicate often with regulators in Canada and other crypto-leading nations to help ensure our clients can successfully navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

Fasken is a leader in emerging trends and technologies that impact our clients' businesses, anticipating the needs of tomorrow by investing in solutions today. Our Firm is one of the first founding members of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), and an initial member of enterprise software firm R3's Legal Center of Excellence.


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