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Increase speed and efficiency of contract review with Kira

Kira is a tool that uses state-of-the-art machine learning to analyze contracts. With Kira, speed and accuracy of contract review is improved by automatically identifying and extracting information from contracts.

Benefits of using Kira include:

  • Kira provides a second set of eyes on documents, reducing risk and increasing accuracy despite short timelines
  • Lawyers can easily compare information across documents
  • The highest standards of information security are met, from storage to sharing and deleting data
  • Kira can be deployed to assist on a variety of projects including analysis of clients’ contractual obligations and due diligence work

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Fasken is always working to identify the best innovative technology to complement our practice areas and provide you with the best service. Engaging in technology partnerships is one way Fasken is changing how we provide legal services.


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