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Procurement and government contracts form a remarkably complex area of the law - varying by jurisdiction and influenced by a multitude of factors, including common law, statutes, regulation, international and national treaties, directives, policies and custom. You need advice that makes sense of all the moving pieces and how it can help advance and protect your business and operational interests.

At Fasken, we provide our public and private sector clients with a common sense approach to navigating this complex area of law, using an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of lawyers.  What sets our team apart is the diversity and depth of our experience. Many of us have worked in key roles throughout government and industry, enabling us to provide our clients with unique and unparalleled advice in procurement and government contracts, national and international trade agreements, national security issues and tender law.

Our team of legal professionals have compiled a precise and practical overview of the procurement and tendering process in Canada

We work with our clients throughout the entire procurement process - from requirements development and procurement planning, through the bidding process and contract negotiation, to the final contract award and beyond, including bid challenges, dispute settlements and litigation.

Our team has the experience and reputation to promote, protect and enforce your interests. We not only understand the law and the various tools it provides, but we also use these tools strategically to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

We understand that public procurement and government contracts are not typical commercial transactions. Instead, they involve public expenditures that may attract political and media scrutiny. Our approach takes into account the broader political, business and media context.

Not surprisingly, Fasken is frequently retained to act on staggeringly large, high profile public procurement and government contract matters, often spanning multiple jurisdictions.

No matter what stage of the process you are at, and no matter whether you are a purchaser or supplier, Fasken has the relevant first-hand experience and bench strength to help you achieve your objectives.



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